Spiritual cleansing

The hotel offers you the experience if enjoying a Holy dip in the sacred Ganga, at our exclusive bathing that . The holy river depicts - love trust and the blessings of life giving mother. It is believed that even a single dip in the ganga takes you on the path of 'Nirvana' (Salvation).

Stars on the Ganga

The performance of "Arti" on this holiest of rivers, embodies the essence of India's cultural and spiritual ethos. The sparking "Diyas" floating on the serene water at twilight time is sight to behold.

Trace Your Family Tree

The family pandas at Haridwar maintain the centuries old records in their Bahi Khatas, details of Ancestral Lineage as well as the purpose and years of visit.

Yoga in the Himalayas

Yoga as practiced by our sages constitutes mostly Asanas or postures that invigorate the internal organ as well as bring about extensive flexibility in our physical body.Asanas combined with breathing technique can harmonize the energy center with in our being and help in control of stress.

Yoga asanas are taught to individuals after a personal synopsis of his/her physical condition special yoga and meditation lessons can be arrange on request of customer in Hotel by professionals.